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Cybersecurity, Information security, Security operations, Governance and Compliance services.

Technical security services

Plan, build and run your enterprise applications securely with Pakurity technical security services. They helps you assess threats, vulnerabilities and manage the cyber risk. You can plug us on every stage of your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). We can provide a 360 ° attack surface analysis in any kind of way: black-/gray-/white- box approach, with or without access to the application source code and infrastructure configuration. Choose the most appropriate form of audit and testing from the list below:

Security operations

Concentrate on your core activities, gain synergy from technologies, digitize your products and reduce expenses while at the same time optimize security is a not easy task. Our security operations offering allows you concentrate on your business, competences and deliver high quality products to customers while being sure that all safeguards are taken to satisfy all information security requirements. The Technical security services are provided by our specialists which operate to highest security levels and can defend your enterprise with 24x7 proactive monitoring and immediate incident response.

Industry experience

Our team has a rich experience in many industries. We know specifics of business processes, technologies and safety measures which need to be applied. Each industry may have specialised security standards or distinct risk profile applied to the environment. Therefore we work hard to develop our competencies in many sectors, including: Telecom, Finance/Banking, Media, Blockchain, Health, Manufactoring and Public. Find more details and project cases on these sections of our site:

Why to choose us?

As for the person which is responsible for IT security in the organization we can advice the following main arguments:
  Our rates are the lowest in the region.
  Our team consists of professionals which have industry recognized certifications (CISA, CISSP, OSCP, etc.).
  We regularly conduct security research and present on cyber-security conferences.