Pakurity is a perfect starting point for your cyber-security career. We're offering an unprecedent opportunity for continuos growth and development of your professional skills. We are passionate about assuring security in the most newest and advanced technology stacks. Our team of specialists practice every day to be able identify vulnerabilities, bugs and weaknesses in systems of our customers before any hacker in the world can do that. If you want to be a head above any average security researcher then Pakurity is the right place for you.

  • You study - we're paying and the compensation is the highest on the Ukrainian market among internship programs!
  • Combine your university degree with full time job. We're allowing flexible work schedule so you have no risk to pass any exam.
  • Never be bored with the same routine task. You will know how to hack anything from smart-contracts to industrial systems or embedded car electronics.
  Check out our open positions We consider ourselves to providing much more attractive career option than our competitors. See on Djinny our open positions: