Cloud Security

Our approach

Many of our customers use cloud IaS/PaS/SaS solutions or connect their on-premise infrastructures to the cloud through federation and other means. This poses a new challenges to their IT staff as they may not be aware about all new risks and security features of cloud systems. We are addressing these risks by conducting technical audits of cloud/hybrid infrastructures and establishing cloud IT governance practices.


“We are successful in auditing cloud infrastructures because we are active consumers of their services for our own DevSecOps tasks.”

Glib paharenko

Technologies which we support:



.Net C#

.Net C#, and its use for thick clients and ASP.NET


+Tomcat/Glassfish/JBoss/Jetty and frameworks like Struts/Spring

Android Java

+Tomcat/Glassfish/JBoss/Jetty and frameworks like Struts/Spring

MacOS/iOS Objective-C/Swift

Ionic/Xamarin/Flutter/React Native/Cocoa/Electron JS

JavaScript/ Node.JS code

.Net C#, and its use for thick clients and ASP.NET


C/C++ for a variety platform and compilers VC/GCC


Cloud technologies

We have in-depth competence in auditing and operating the following cloud solutions:
  • Azure cloud. Intune managed devices security configuration and compliance. Microsoft Defender ATP threat hunting. Azure log analytics/monitoring/Sentinel SIEM
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) stack and managed Kubernetes
  • AWS and managed Kubernetes (EKS)
  • Kubernetes security, including ingress-objects, deployment, service and other objects security audit
  • Docker image security.

Need protection from cyber-threats?

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