GCP project security

Project goal was to support (operate) security of the Google Cloud Infrastructure (GCP)/Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) application stack.


The solution was a managed GCP security service which included:​

  • setting up a set of GCP projects (tenants) for security infrastructure​
  • implementation of continuous automated scanning/vulnerability assessments/code audit with a set of GKE packaged security tools​
  • manual source code audits, penetration testing and configuration reviews​
  • operation in GKE the Graylog SIEM and plugging in the GKE infrastructure/application stack​
  • incident response and investigation related cloud infrastructure​
  • trainings for DevOps and developers​
  • hardening of web-applications with the aid of ModSecurity WAF, GKE infrastructure, standalone VMs (Compute instances)​
  • network policies/security rules and Cloud anti-DDoS integration audit​.

The comprehensive GCP security operations package gave the customer and its clients a required level of assurance about its online business security.

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