Internal network penetration testing

The test goal was to identify how far the user with a standard Active Directory role can penetrate into the network. The project was conducted in a gray-box manner via the virtual machine plugged into the network port inside customer facility. The virtual machine established a backconnect VPN to the pentesting team server. As a result, the customer has received a detailed report with recommendations. In addition, the retest was performed to be sure that all critical vulnerabilities were fixed.



The audit identified multiple issues that lead to data leakage and access to confidential data. Some of them includes:

  • ARP spoofing and traffic interception
  • LLMNR spoofing and traffic interception
  • Pass the hash attack (aided by ARP/LLMNR spoofing) and access to the Customer's Sharepoint site
  • AD group policy saved passwords
  • Vulnerable service with default passwords
  • Vulnerable ILO interfaces.
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