IT audit support (junior)

FULL TIME / 1 years


About the position

Join the team where you will be in charge for all aspects of IT and Information Security audits: customer relationships, planning, interviewing, audit program creation, documentation analysis. You will gain ability to work with true professionals and acquire indispensable experience of IS/IT audits.

Your primary tasks will include:

  • development of IT and Information Security audits description, presentation and other marketing materials
  • gathering project/service delivery requirements and clarifying project scope
  • audit project charter/SLA documents development
  • status reporting to customers
  • timetracking of internal resources
  • contracting and invoicing customers
  • handling customer requests
  • audit planning
  • checklists and audit program creation
  • conducting interviews
  • conducting customer documentation analysis
  • audit report drafting and presentation

Requirements and Responsibilities

To qualify you will need to pass a set of simple project management/product development/customer relationship tasks (we will assist you with study materials). Other qualification criteria:

  • You should like to talk with people and be glad when they taste a high quality service (e.g. you enjoyed your past work in call-center or McDonald's )
  • Your English should be at least upper-intermediate (you should clearly understand when to use 'the' and when to use 'a')
  • Your University specialization should be in IT/Information security (at least you should read IT/Information security news daily, we will check that ;)

This is a junior (entry) level position. In any case if you're passionate about project management you will be able to grow to the true professional level with our team.

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