“Come to our IT School, where dozens of individual gather together to acquire practical security experience.”

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Become a great security expert in 3 months

The way of DAO for security professional is hard and long. You need to have some background in the areas of:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Web development
  • C/C++/Assembler
  • Shell scripting

We will work with you to develop a personalized study path. We will require from you to work hard, but will also give you a lot of our attention, time and efforts. Collaboration between us will allow you to adhere to the Pakurity values and later smoothly join our team.

How does it work:



Let us know about your interest by filling the 'JOIN THE SCHOOL' form. Tell use why you want to become a security professional.


Pass the challenges

Pass the initial challenges in the area of reverse engineering, DevOps and web-development. No worries, we will help you.


Play the wargames

Show the progress by solving challenges in our enterprise playground and CTF competitions.


Develop soft skills

Every successful pentest consists from 3 key parts: gaining access, finding vulns, communicating the result. We will fill in any gaps in these areas and prepare you for real projects.

Join school today to become security specialist tomorrow.

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