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White-label service

Whenever you a consulting, IT integration, Software development or other kind of business, from time to time you may feel the lack of IT/IS expertise. This could be because IT/IS consulting is not your core business, or you made a lot of deals so can not fulfill them with your own capacity. Pakurity works with its partners to extend their IT/IS consultancy teams. You can give us your business cards, create email/Teams/Slack accounts and be sure that customer will consider us to be a part of your team. We support the pre-sale activites for free and very flexible about the financial and other conditions. We also have a mature NDA, Intellectual property protection and Non-solicatation agreements which will secure our relationships.


“Already many years we serve under a white-label model for multiple IT service companies.”

Glib paharenko

Reliable partner

Working with Pakurity is a true partnership. We are much more technically deep than other vendors. Our specialists participate and takes ownership in the success of our partner's business. We work in the customer timezone and customer holiday and weekend schedule. It crucial for us to fully understand what customers want and even go beyond what is requested and give them very useful advises, based on our experience on other markets and other clients. Our estimates of time-to-complete and cost-to-complete are precise, and we follow through on our promises.

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