Source code audit

Our approach

Source code audit is the only way to ensure that the wide set of bugs are not present in the application. It provides much higher assurance than black- or gray-box penetration testing. Our specialists are skilled in a wide range of programming languages and frameworks and can identify technology specific vulnerabilities and bad coding patterns. For some of static analyzers we create custom rules which are adopted to the customer team coding style. We always do manual code review facilitated with regular expression search to identify locations with unsafe functions, legacy code, external interfaces/controllers, security decisions, cryptography and other sensitive routines.

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“If you want to do something, do it absolutely perfect. This is main goal of our services.”

Glib Pakharenko

Technologies which we support:



.Net C#

.Net C#, and its use for thick clients and ASP.NET


+Tomcat/Glassfish/JBoss/Jetty and frameworks like Struts/Spring

Android Java

+Tomcat/Glassfish/JBoss/Jetty and frameworks like Struts/Spring

MacOS/iOS Objective-C/Swift

Ionic/Xamarin/Flutter/React Native/Cocoa/Electron JS

JavaScript/ Node.JS code

.Net C#, and its use for thick clients and ASP.NET


C/C++ for a variety platform and compilers VC/GCC


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