Security for startups

Startup CISO

Startups need to deliver required functionality under the pressure of time and budget constraints. Often there is no good business case for a full time security engineer in the team. Here the Pakurity virtual Chief Information Security Officer service comes. We can secure any kind of modern technology stack, integrate the security tools into CI/CD pipelines, participate in regular scrum and other kind of the customer dev team meetings. We also work with a collaboration suite (Jira, Slack, Teams, etc.). Contact us in any case if you need urgently implement compliance and risk based security in your startup.


“Startups want to work with us because our team can secure every leading edge modern technology stack.”

Glib Pakharenko

Technologies which we support:



.Net C#

.Net C#, and its use for thick clients and ASP.NET


+Tomcat/Glassfish/JBoss/Jetty and frameworks like Struts/Spring

Android Java

+Tomcat/Glassfish/JBoss/Jetty and frameworks like Struts/Spring

MacOS/iOS Objective-C/Swift

Ionic/Xamarin/Flutter/React Native/Cocoa/Electron JS

JavaScript/ Node.JS code

.Net C#, and its use for thick clients and ASP.NET


C/C++ for a variety platform and compilers VC/GCC


Effective cooperation

Startups need to focus on business and features than on building in-house security team. Promoting effective cooperation across technology teams and between business and technology is a crucial prerequisite for success, especially in the current climate, with many employees working from home. The Pakurity team is perfect in communication and that facilitates the augmentation of customer internal teams. We have a strong method of working which starts with a process of fully understanding customer requirements. Our principle is high responsiveness in daily communications, high service level and high quality standards.

Need protection from cyber-threats?

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