Telecom security

Our approach

Our specialists conducted investigations on many telecom fraud cases. We know where and how extract logs and how to interpret the log data. We have successful experience with preparing and supporting SOX certification for the telecom operator. We aware about risks of embedded systems testing which can lead to service outages and always take all precautions when conducting telecom assessments.


“We have been assuring safety of telecom networks since the 2G age and continue to do this with the latest technologies on the market.”

Glib Pakharenko

About Pakurity

Our Technology competencies:

  • SMS gateways
  • MMS gateways
  • GPRS infrastructure
  • IMS infrastructure
  • Mobile phones and other subscriber devices
  • VOIP infrastructure and VOIP clients
  • Billing and charging systems of Siemens, Ericsson and other vendors
  • SAP ERP systems testing.

Need protection from cyber-threats?

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