Fraud prevention in IT systems training course

The training course will help gain a wide set of knowledge to detect, respond and investigate fraud cases. The participants will acquire all the necessary skills to face the most difficult problems, which include investigation of fraud cases, building of fraud controls and evaluation of their effectiveness.


Our "Fraud prevention in IT systems" training course includes practical studies that will allow participants to apply the acquired knowledge immediately. The training is adapted for an audience with various levels of initial knowledge. The experience gained after the training will definitely increase the value of the students for their organisations and their confidence in their own professional skills.

The target audience of this course is:
  • internal auditors
  • security specialists
  • anti-fraud specialists.
The course duration is 2 days.

The course syllabus below can be adopted according to company/organisation's needs.

Please write us your requirements and questions that are critical for you. We will update the training program accordingly.

Course syllabus

  1. Introduction
    • Types of fraud
    • Opportunity, Pressure/Incentive, Rationalization
    • Who is fraudster?
    • Law related to fraud
    • Individual rights during examinations
    • Warm-up fraud cases
  2. Fraud prevention
    • 4 hands rule
    • Chinese walls
    • Internal whistleblowing
    • Job rotations
    • Mandatory vacations
    • Screening
    • Exit interviews
    • Data analysis
    • Symptoms of fraud
  3. Fraud investigation and reporting
    • Investigation theft
    • Analysing documents
    • Conversion methods
    • Covert examinations
    • Inquiry methods
    • Basic digital forensics
    • Basic principles of evidence
    • Management level fraud
    • Fraud in E-commerce
    • Electronic payment tampering
    • Theft of intellectual property
    • Financial statement fraud and role of IT systems
    • ATM fraudster
    • Credit card fraud
    • Resolution of fraud
    • Report writing
  4. IT general controls
    • Logical access controls over infrastructure, applicationsm and data
    • Systems developemt life cycle controls
    • Program change management controls
    • Physical security controls over the data centre
    • System and data backup and recovery controls
    • Computer operations controls
  5. Application controls
    • Input controls
    • Output controls
    • Processing controls.

For ease of use, you can download the program of the training course "Fraud prevention in IT systems" from the link. Click to download

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