COBIT training course

The training course will help gain a wide set of knowledge on information technology management in the organisation. The participants will acquire all the necessary skills to solve complex problems and knowledge in such areas as structure of COBIT framework family, its enablers, characteristics of implementation and maturity assessment of COBIT implementation.


Our training course "COBIT" includes practical individual and group studies that will allow you to apply the acquired knowledge immediately. The training is adapted for an audience with various levels of initial knowledge. The experience gained after the training will definitely increase the value of the students for their organisations and their confidence in their own professional skills.

The target audience of this course is:
  • IT managers
  • IT auditors
  • Risk and compliance managers
  • Information security managers.
The course duration is 1 day.

The course syllabus below can be adopted according to company/organisation's needs.

Please write us your requirements and questions that are critical for you. We will update the training program accordingly.

Course syllabus

  1. COBIT and its product family
    • COBIT books
    • COBIT translations
    • COBIT last edition and COBIT 5, Risk IT, ValIT and other ISACA legacy products
    • COBIT for information security
    • COBIT for risk
    • COBIT for assurance
    • NIST cyber-security framework
  2. COBIT enablers in details
    • COBIT principles
    • Human enabler
    • Process enabler
    • Information enabler
    • Infrastructure enabler
    • Culture and Ethics enabler
    • Organisation enablers
    • Policies enabler
    • Other enablers
  3. Implementing COBIT
    • Finding drivers for implementation
    • IT and business metrics
    • Business case creation
    • Project goals setup
    • Implementation team roles
    • Communicating the change
    • Managing implementation risks and resistance
  4. Assessing COBIT implementation
    • COBIT Assessor Guide in details
    • Process reference model
    • Assessment initiation
    • Assessment scoping
    • Team briefings
    • Data collection
    • Process attribute rating
    • Assessment reporting
    • Self-assessment.

For ease of use, you can download the program of the training course "COBIT" from the link. Click to download

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