Internal Auditor training course

The training course will help determine the role of the internal auditor and the documents governing his activities, and how to make his activities independent and impartial. You will learn about the audit criteria, how to plan it properly and the main stages. The course provides understanding and knowledge of building an effective audit system, the methods used, and creating a quality and sound report. Issues of ethics and much more are also considered.


Our training course "Internal Auditor" is designed for companies and organisations that are just thinking about the need to effectively assess the security of information assets.

The target audience of this course is:
  • units' senior managers of the companies and organisations who take care of information security
  • persons responsible for information security
  • current and future internal auditors.
The course duration is 2 days.

The course syllabus below can be adopted according to company/organisation's needs.

Please write us your requirements and questions that are critical for you. We will update the training program accordingly.

Course syllabus

  1. The role of Internal auditor
  2. IT audit standards
    • ITAF
    • The IIA standards
    • ISO 19011
  3. Audit charter/mandate for the audit
  4. Auditor independence
  5. Professional due care
  6. Audit assertions
  7. Audit criteria
    • ISACA audit programs
    • IIA audit guidelines
    • Trust services principles and criteria
    • COBIT 5
    • ISO 27001
    • Other sources of criteria
  8. Audit planning. Risk-based planning
  9. Audit performance
  10. Materiality of audit findings
  11. Audit evidence
  12. Evidence collection methods
  13. Audit sampling
  14. Using the work of other experts
  15. Reporting
  16. Handling illegal acts
  17. Audit follow-up
  18. Control environment
  19. Control design
  20. Control effectiveness
  21. Control monitoring
  22. Quality assurance and emprovement program
  23. Fraud risks
  24. GRC (Governance, Risk management and Control)
  25. Ethics
  26. Work papers

For ease of use, you can download the program of the training course "Internal Auditor" from the link. Click to download

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